To actively contribute to the development of Quebec’s agri-food sector supporting companies and organizations in the production, transformation and the distribution sector to meet their positionning and growth goals.


Quebec has an outstanding agricultural developmental potential. Its strong values, its many resources and its diversified expertise must be put forth in order to insure its growth. Agro Quebec believes in that potential and represents a strong lever to promote it.


In an increasely complex business context and where the targeted challenges linked to the positionning of an organization or of a product are numerous, a deep and careful reflexion is in order. Agro Quebec supports the agrifood organizations of the agrifood sector and proposes this waiting time to be auspicious and necessary in order to take the right orientations.


The importance of a clear and articulated message in keeping with the values of an organization, has become a must with the advent of new platforms in communications. The margins of error have thinned ever more and the coherence became a key value in order to guarantee a solid sense of credibility and more deeply rooted among the public and its clients.

Agro Quebec understands this modern reality and actively contributes building and maintaining this credibility.


Quebec’s agri-food industry’s ability to export to other Canadian provinces, the North East of the United States, as well as Europe and Asia relies on cutting-edge expertise. As a leader in the fields of certification, labelling, logistics, distribution, marketing and replenishment, Agro Québec can assist producers/processors by facilitating their export process. Read more.

Agro Quebec Media

Agro Quebec produces and distributes exclusive content on its platforms which are linked to the agri-foodnews of Quebec. We invite you to get informed and to share this information throughout your own networks.


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Our Team

André Michaud

Senior Advisor in commercial development, his extensive expertise in the agrifood sector is recognized by all players in the industry… Read more


Suzie Dubé knows gather all the elements necessary for a successful positioning process…  Read more

Cindy Gagnon

A true passionate, Cindy has more than 25 years of experience in communications and marketing … Read more

Pierre Meunier

Holder of a master’s degree in international relations, Pierre Meunier has worked in the export and agrifood sector for over 20 years… Read more



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