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Bécancour, 10 June 2021 – After being recognized as the best butter in Canada on several occasions and receiving multiple international awards, L’Ancêtre officially launches the new image for its organic butters and adds to its range an 84% fat butter, still made from a unique certified organic cream.  All these butters are now identified with the term pasture butter. A pasture butter is butter made from cream produced by cows fed a minimum of 60% grassland and grazing outdoors at least 120 days a year. This butter, ranked among the best in the world and available in most supermarkets and specialty grocery shops, is a great source of pride for the Centre-du-Québec company, which is considered one of Canada’s leading organic milk processors.


For Pascal Désilets, President and CEO of Fromagerie L’Ancêtre, the time had come for the company to update the positioning of this exceptional product. “It was time for us to better communicate the exceptional characteristics of our products to authentic butter lovers. The balanced diet of our herds, mostly made up of organic fodder, combined with access to pasture, results in butter with unique flavours. In addition to these virtues, our butter has a higher concentration of linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid, which are essential for human beings’ health. The taste and quality of our butter clearly demonstrate our efforts to offer the best for our customers. Generic products have had a rather bad press in recent weeks, especially with the controversy surrounding the use of palm oil in the feed of some producers. Our organic nature keeps us completely safe from this storm and we are all the better for it’’. Pascal Désilets was proud to make this important announcement for L’Ancêtre.


About L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory

Since the company was founded, L’Ancêtre dairy products have been distinguished by their composition of top-quality ingredients and their unique taste. Initially born from the common desire of 10 dairy producers to create organic products, L’Ancêtre has become not only the largest processor of organic butter and cheese in the country, but also a Quebec flagship. It is present from coast to coast and through its mission and values, it offers consumers A better world in every bite. The company has received numerous awards, including the Prix Biologique at the SIAL Innovation 2020 competition and was a finalist last April at the Retail Council of Canada’s Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, for its organic cheese and beer fondue.


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