Christine Lagacé Senior Advisor, Public and Government Affairs


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Christine Lagacé
Senior Advisor, Public and Government Affairs



André Michaud, President of Agro Québec, is proud to announce the appointment of Christine Lagacé as Senior Advisor, Public and Government Affairs of his company. A welcome addition to Agro Québec’s team of experts, Christine Lagacé will work collaboratively on strategic positioning matters related to public and government affairs, including public financial assistance.


Christine Lagacé is a member of the Ordre des administrateurs agréées du Québec and an experienced registered consultant lobbyist. Over the past 20 years, she has developed solid expertise in helping companies grow their business and providing market support using approaches that involve government funding, exports, communication strategies, as well as the implementation of sustainable development plans.


André Michaud feels that Christine Lagacé’s specific expertise in public affairs will be a major asset for assisting agri-food companies in their market development process and helping them secure market support measures. “Christine Lagacé has made a name for herself in the field of government relations. She has strong organizational skills and business acumen, as well as the rigour required to assist our clients in a process that will make them save time and become efficient with respect to their marketing plans and their relationships with stakeholders. The entire Agro Québec team wishes her a warm welcome,” said Agro Québec’s President.


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