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Milk-fed veal at its best by Écolait

Available exclusively at IGA


Saint-Hyacinthe, June 22, 2016 – Mario Maillet, Chief Executive Officer of Écolait Ltd., is proud to announce the launch of seven classic cuts of VIVO milk-fed veal including the loin chop, the hotel style chop, the cubes, the cutlets, the tenderloin, the liver and the Osso Bucco, which are now available in all IGA grocery stores across Quebec. Presented in sleek new packaging using a current and modern concept, VIVO is in itself a guarantee of quality, taste and tenderness for milk-fed veal lovers. The advanced technology of VIVO’s packaging also ensures a shelf life that is beyond industry standards.

VIVO, an innovative program

For Mario Maillet, the development of the VIVO program at Écolait constitutes a clear and direct response to the values and new demands of consumers. This is why IGA’s trust and willingness to listen represent significant levers in the advancement of innovative projects like VIVO.

Écolait has always been committed to offering quality meats from humanely-reared animals. With VIVO, we are taking one more step in developing high-end, top quality products, which are now offered in revamped packaging. Écolait’s initiative is also proof of the dynamism of the production industry. Écolait and its associate producers make every effort to deliver top quality meats, all while respecting the animals and the environment. Écolait’s initiative will also allow dozens of family farms to maintain their momentum,” concluded Écolait’s president.

Rob Meijer, president of Canada Beef Inc. added “We are very proud to be part of the VIVO launch, and we fully support Écolait’s initiative.”

The Joy of Eating Better

This new range of VIVO meats is naturally linked with The Joy of Eating Better, an initiative that the IGA banner created over two years ago and which aims to help Quebecers cook differently and more often, discover new local and international flavours, eat healthier and make responsible choices. Thus, through these new VIVO products, IGA is now offering its clientele a local, innovative and exclusive quality product that naturally encourages consumers to try new recipes.

About Écolait Ltd.

Founded over 35 years ago in Quebec, Écolait Ltd. has become a North American leader in the production and processing of milk and grain-fed veal of the highest quality. Based in St-Hyacinthe, the company has over three hundred employees and owns facilities in Terrebonne, Ontario and the United States. Écolait Ltd. produces, processes and markets VIVO products

Écolait Ltd. aspires to become a leader in animal welfare values. This is why a unique Canadian partnership was established between Écolait and Prince Edward Island University in order to further the development of animal welfare best practices.

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About IGA 

IGA is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and its presence in Quebec dates back to 1953. In May 2014, IGA grocers launched The Joy of Eating Better initiative that aims to help Quebecers cook differently and more often, discover local and international flavours, eat healthier, and make responsible choices. In April 2016, they decided to make this movement even more accessible to everyone, all the time, thanks to a permanent price drop on thousands of grocery products. The IGA banner includes over 300 stores. IGA is the only group of food retailers to offer consumers the opportunity to accumulate AIR MILES® reward miles.

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