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Savoura Bio acquires Serres Jardins-Nature in Gaspésie


Sainte-Sophie, October, 3, 2017Stéphane Roy, President of Sagami / Savoura / SAVOURA BIO, is proud to announce the company’s acquisition of Serres Jardins-Nature in New Richmond, Gaspésie. After the Sagami / Savoura / SAVOURA BIO group entered into a partnership agreement with the Gaspé-based company last February, the time had come to create an operational synergy aimed at conquering the vast North American potential market for the production of organic tomatoes in Quebec.


A major consolidation for the greenhouse industry


This transaction within the greenhouse industry will further strengthen organic greenhouse farming’s strategic position in Quebec. For Stéphane Roy, this latest acquisition was the obvious next step in order to increase and strengthen market share in an increasingly competitive and complex business context. “I am proud to not only help maintain and consolidate employment in Gaspésie, but also to contribute to the economic development of the agricultural sector in this region and the entire province. We will leverage all our expertise and know-how to optimize this production facility built in 2002 and make this operation a success,” said the President of Sagami / Savoura / Savoura BIO.


About Serres Sagami / Savoura / Savoura BIO


For over 20 years, Serres Sagami has been marketing different varieties of tomatoes for the Quebec, Canadian and North American markets under the Sagami brand name. In the spring of 2011, the company added several varieties of organic tomatoes marketed under the Biologico brand name, which became SAVOURA BIO in November 2016.


Since 2012, the company has made several acquisitions to increase its production including the most significant one to date: the acquisition of the Serres du St-Laurent facilities and the Savoura brand in April of 2015. The company operates a total of nine production facilities spread out across the province of Quebec. Committed to responsible and sustainable agriculture, the greenhouse operation has been updating the heating systems of all its production facilities in order to become a model of energy efficiency.

For more information on Serres Sagami, visit www.savoura.com.




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