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Bécancour, november 16, 2021 – Pascal Désilets, President and General Manager of L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory, is pleased to announce that the famous organic cheese, Le Baluchon, a semi-soft cheese surface-ripened for a minimum of 45 days, as well as the organic pastured butters, won major awards a few days ago at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This prestigious agricultural industry competition, which has been held in Toronto every year for 100 years, showcases Canada’s best cheeses through a segment of the event sponsored by METRO.


Pascal Désilets was really proud that organic dairy products stood out in this competition. « Barely a year ago, we took over the production of Baluchon according to its original recipe and today we won a second prize in a national competition. This is an important recognition of our cheese expertise and a great success for our team who successfully met this important challenge. And what pride for our butters made with organic cream from cows that graze and feed mainly on grass! Once again, they have been ranked among the best, » said the president of the Centre-du-Québec company with enthusiasm.


 About L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory

Since the company was founded, L’Ancêtre dairy products have been distinguished by their composition of top-quality ingredients and their unique taste. Initially born from the common desire of 10 dairy producers to create organic products, L’Ancêtre has become not only the largest processor of organic butter and cheese in the country, but also a Quebec flagship. It is present from coast to coast and through its mission and values, it offers consumers A better world in every bite.  L’Ancêtre will be celebrating 30 years of agriculture and processing organic dairy products in 2022, a milestone for the company and the entire organic sector in Quebec that it will proudly highlight.


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