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Bread made in Quebec for Allô! Mon Coco restaurants!


St-Jérôme, March 14, 2016 – Guillaume Talbot, President of Boulangerie Auger and Tom Bountis, President of the Allô! Mon Coco restaurant chain have signed an agreement that will allow Boulangerie Auger to supply bread to the 18 Allô! Mon Coco breakfast restaurants. This long-term agreement will ensure that Allô! Mon Coco patrons will consume bread that is made in Quebec with flour made from Quebec wheat.

At the signing of the agreement, Guillaume Talbot said he felt inspired by the Quebec restaurant chain’s intention to offer its clientele a product that has been made here in St-Jérôme for over 60 years. “The economical impact of this agreement has a very important dimension in a context where, unfortunately, the bread making industry is being outsourced more and more. Boulangerie Auger, its suppliers and distributors provide the livelihood of some one hundred families, and the bakery seems headed for a bright future. Also, we are committed to using local ingredients, which is why I commend this responsible action on the part of Tom Bountis’ team,” said the President of Boulangerie Auger. Tom Bountis, the president of the well-known restaurant chain, was keen to add that there should be no compromise when it comes to supporting Quebec businesses and that Allô! Mon Coco patrons will continue to enjoy quality bread in a unique atmosphere, all while contributing to Quebec’s economic development. “We know that our customers care about these responsible choices,” concluded Mr. Buntis.

About Boulangerie Auger

Founded in 1949 and located in Saint-Jérôme, Boulangerie Auger employs approximately 50 full-time employees and is one of the last few Quebec-owned commercial bakeries. The company’s mission is to offer authentic tasting, healthy and nutritious quality products made with Quebec wheat that have a minimal environmental footprint and which can be found in most grocery stores. Auger and Renaud, the company’s main brands, both offer breads that are certified Aliments du Québec.

About Allô! Mon Coco

Founded in 2001 in Ste-Dorothée, Allô! Mon Coco is a specialty restaurant chain that revolutionizes breakfast by offering its famous potatoes, fresh seasonal fruits, generous portions and excellent, family-friendly service. There are currently 18 Allô! Mon Coco restaurants, which are based on a franchise concept, in the Montréal region, and there are several more openings planned for 2016, including some in Ontario.





Source : André Michaud

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